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Earn Your Degree in Theology  or Ministry From GCU

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Prepare to fulfill your mission in life with a flexible bachelor's or master's degree from Grand Canyon University.

Whether online, evening or on campus, GCU has you covered in the pursuit of higher learning. You’re only a few questions away from learning what it takes to become a Lope.

Online, Evening & Campus Degree Programs

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No Out-of-State Tuition

GCU has no out-of-state or international tuition, keeping education costs affordable for students across the country and around the world. We are here to help you through every step of the process, from calculating your educational costs per year to applying for financial aid.

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Grand Canyon University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1968. In addition, Grand Canyon Theological Seminary at GCU is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools.1

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On Your Schedule

GCU offers the flexibility and convenience for working professionals and students with busy schedules with online, evening or campus degree programs.

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You already have the tools you need to change your life. Let GCU teach you how to use them so you can reach your full potential through education.

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Theology & Ministry Degree Programs

Grand Canyon University’s theology and ministry degree programs are rooted in biblical truth and designed to strengthen theological knowledge. The mission of GCU’s College of Theology is to “educate students to communicate the gospel effectively, serve the church faithfully and minister with integrity at home and abroad.” Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees readies students to be true servant leaders in their community while teaching them to prepare the next generation of disciples.

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Grand Canyon University's

Bachelor's Degrees - Theology & Ministry

BA in Christian Ministry  

BA in Christian Studies    

BA in Christian Studies    
with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies

BA in Christian Studies    
with an Emphasis in Global Ministry

BA in Christian Studies    
with an Emphasis in Philosophy

BA in Christian Studies    
with an Emphasis in Worship Leadership

BA in Christian Studies    
with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry

The undergraduate theology degrees in the College of Theology allow you to gain a strong foundation in theological studies and ministerial preparation while receiving guidance from dedicated faculty members. Aspiring ministers and Christian leaders are offered focused theological training that cultivates strong Christian character and fosters unity in Christ and love for one another. With curriculum grounded in biblical truth and our rich Christian heritage, our bachelor's degrees in theology can help you find your purpose and grow in your relationship with God.

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Master's Degrees & Graduate Certificates - Theology & Ministry

MA in Urban Ministry    

MA in Christian Leadership    

MA in Christian Ministry    

MA in Youth and Family Ministry    

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary (GCTS) is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary that is home to our master’s degree programs. It prepares godly leaders for a lifetime of faithful ministry rooted in biblical truth, sound theology and practical wisdom. We offer master's degree programs and graduate certificates to help prepare Christian leaders theologically, spiritually and professionally to minister faithfully and effectively within a challenging cultural context.

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BA in Worship Arts  
with an Emphasis in Media and Production Ministry

BA in Worship Arts  
with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry

Faith Integration

GCU is committed to integrating faith across all aspects of the GCU community, including work, learning and service. One way we integrate faith and learning is by weaving our Christian worldview across curricula in all of our degree programs. Each program’s curriculum is collaboratively developed and centrally managed in a manner that integrates the Christian worldview and incorporates biblical principles. From the first course to the last, it is the university’s goal that all of our graduates be able to express aspects of the Christian worldview which affect human value and dignity, ethical decision-making, academic disciplines and vocation.

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Biblical Foundations    

Post-MA in Theology: Introductory Biblical Languages Certificate    

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Ministry Education    

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Christian Theology    

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Earn Your Degree in Theology or Ministry From GCU

Online, Evening & Campus Degree Programs

Master of Divinity (MDiv)    

Campus   Online   Evening  

Campus   Online   Evening  


1 The Commission on Accrediting of the ATS | https://ats.edu/ | 10 Summit Park Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15275 | Phone: 412-788-6505
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