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If you're looking to begin a career in information technology, a bachelor's degree in IT from GCU can help equip you with skills and knowledge in network platforms and technologies, information assurance and security, cloud-based computing and service-oriented architecture. You can use your expertise to increase performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in enterprise systems.

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GCU's online programs offer a curriculum developed so you can receive a well-rounded education to help position yourself for possible career advancement. Backed by the legacy of our traditional campus, GCU is an accredited university with dynamic academic programs, informed by industry and student learning outcomes.

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Grand Canyon University's online programs offer flexibility, providing a quality education to help you navigate today's complex world.

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GCU's College of Engineering and Technology - Online

Technology programs at Grand Canyon University’s College of Engineering and Technology can prepare students for a career in the technology sector. 

Taught by knowledgeable technology faculty, GCU's programs emphasize emerging and innovative technology trends with GCU's STEM-guiding principles at the core. Students can receive a strong technical education and develop soft skills, such as interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Career Options for Information Technology (IT) Degree Grads

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Software Developers
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While a computer science degree is focused on computational theory and application, the IT degree focuses on application administration. IT graduates can code and develop software, but that is not the primary goal of an IT career. IT degree programs focus on project management, information systems and customer service. Jobs for IT graduates may include:

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  • BS in Applied Business Analytics
  • BS in Applied Business Information Systems
  • BS in Applied Cybersecurity Management
  • BS in Applied Technology
  • BS in Business Information Systems
  • BS in Cybersecurity
  • BS in Cybersecurity Management
  • BS in Health Information Management
  • BS in Information Technology
  • BS in Information Technology: Cybersecurity
  • BS in Software Development

GCU's Online Bachelor's Technology Degrees

GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cybersecurity program was awarded the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CD) designation.4

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Earn Your Technology Bachelor's Degree Online From GCU

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Turn your love of math, problem-solving and science into a technology bachelor's degree from GCU.

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The earnings referenced were reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Computer and Information Technology Occupations as of May 2022, retrieved on October 9, 2023. Due to COVID-19, data from 2020 and 2021 may be atypical compared to prior years. BLS calculates the median using salaries of workers nationwide with varying levels of education and experience. It does not reflect the earnings of GCU graduates with computer and information technology occupations, nor does it reflect earnings of workers in one city or region of the country or a typical entry-level salary. Median income is the statistical midpoint for the range of salaries in a specific occupation. It represents what you would earn if you were paid more money than half the workers in an occupation, and less than half the workers in an occupation. It may give you a basis to estimate what you might earn at some point if you enter this career. Grand Canyon University can make no guarantees on individual graduates’ salaries. Your employability will be determined by numerous factors over which GCU has no control, such as the employer the graduate chooses to apply to, the graduate’s experience level, individual characteristics, skills, etc., against a pool of candidates. 

COVID-19 has adversely affected the global economy and data from 2020 and 2021 may be atypical compared to prior years. The pandemic may impact the predicted future workforce outcomes indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as well. Accordingly, data shown is effective September 2023, which can be found here: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Computer and Information Technology Occupations, retrieved on March 22, 2024.

Retrieved from National Security Agency Central Security Service, NSA Congratulates Centers of Academic Excellence in Dec 2019.

Includes students who have participated in an online class in August or September 2023 and does not include students in a cohort program.


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology occupations had a median annual wage of $100,530 in May 2022.2
  • About 377,500 openings are projected each year from 2022 to 2032, for computer and information technology occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.3

BS in Cybersecurity

GCU's Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity can help prepare candidates for a career in cybersecurity. Candidates can gain knowledge in defending digital spaces, computer environments, networks and sensitive information from threats.

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BS in Software Development

The Bachelor of Science in Software Development degree program can help graduates position themselves for a career in a variety of roles in software development, exploring technology with hands-on learning activities.

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BS in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program can help candidates prepare for a career in information technology (IT). Graduates will be taught to use technology to solve problems within an organization and help them deploy, configure and manage local technology and cloud-based operations.

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