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Online Degrees at Grand Canyon University

GCU has become a household name in online learning. With online psychology and counseling programs at the bachelor’s level, GCU’s mission is to provide a quality education while giving students the flexibility they need to get ahead in today’s complex world. GCU’s online students have access to the same perks and resources as on-campus students including expert faculty members, generous scholarship opportunities, a state-of-the-art learning management system, an online library and more.

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BS in Sociology

Engage in deep thought about the common issues that affect contemporary societies. Students examine an evidence-based approach toward analyzing scientific research on topics such as human behavior, social status, family relations, race relations, income inequality, drug abuse and globalization. In developing a better understanding of the world around them, students are inspired to make a positive difference in their local, regional and global communities.

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Bachelor of Social Work

This online social work degree program prepares students to assist in improving the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities while working with diverse groups of people in a variety of settings. Classes offer opportunities to learn, practice and reflect on skills throughout the entire intake, assessment, treatment, evaluation and termination process. By the end of this program, students are prepared to work in entry-level social work practice or begin graduate school.

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BS in Behavioral Health Science

Behavioral health science is the study of human behavior and interaction. Specifically, the GCU Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science (BHS) degree program includes the study of the approaches, techniques, current trends, history, research and best practices in behavioral health.

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BS in Psychology

Psychology is a broad term to describe the study of the human mind. This includes the study of human behavior, interactions, development and all cognitive processes that answer how our brain functions. Knowing all that, studying psychology means you are understanding what makes humans unique. By having this knowledge, you are then able to dig into complex issues that people face and help people find answers to their questions.

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BS in Counseling

Learn the background factors of addiction and substance abuse. Students acquire the necessary skills in screening, intake, assessment, treatment planning and case management. They explore special issues in substance abuse counseling, including considerations when working with children and adolescents, encouraging family involvement in the treatment process and working with clients with co-occurring disorders like anxiety.

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with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency, and Substance Abuse

What is the difference between behavioral health science and psychology?

While there is some overlap in behavioral health science and psychology courses and career paths, the behavioral health science degree program focuses more on the study of broader influences on human behavior, allowing for more diversity in career opportunities. For students looking to study human behavior from an individual perspective (cognition, mental processes, brain biology), the psychology field may be a better fit. Although there are key differences between behavioral health science and psychology, each requires a passion for understanding and interpreting human behavior.

How long does it take to become a counselor?

The length of time it takes to become a counselor depends on your prior education and experience, while keeping in mind that you will need to hold a master's degree in counseling in any state to become a licensed counselor. If you are seeking an MS in counseling, any undergraduate or graduate-level coursework you have already completed may affect the time it takes to become a counselor. Once you earn your counseling degree, licensure requirements vary by state.

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1 Alumni from 1957 to April 2021. Includes students who have graduated and completed their program.   

Includes students who have participated in an online class in August or September 2022 and does not include students in a cohort program.

“My program has exceeded my expectations. I took a high school psychology course which piqued my interest in the subject, but I never thought I’d enjoy the more in-depth material this much.. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Grand Canyon University is a fun, interesting program that expands one’s mind and is a gateway to numerous careers.”

Breanna Winston
GCU Alumni | BS in Psychology

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Earn Your Psychology or Counseling Bachelor's Degree Online From GCU

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to helping students change their lives.

Online Classes Starting Weekly

GCU's Online Psychology & Counseling Degrees

Do you feel called to advocacy work? For those who want to help others through human services, Grand Canyon University offers undergraduate psychology degree programs, undergraduate counseling degree programs, as well as degrees in sociology and behavioral health science. Earning one of these degrees can help you pursue a rewarding career in a field that helps individuals better their lives. 

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